Latvian German Shepherd Dog Club organize competition “LVASK Cup” IGP, CACIT and “LVASK Cup” IGP-1

October 11.-13., 2019.
Latvian German Shepherd Dog Club  organize competition “LVASK Cup” IGP, CACIT and “LVASK Cup” IGP-1

Judges: Part B and C Finn Bertelsen (Denmark)
Part A Peteris Akimovs (Latvia)
Helpers: Part 1 Kaskov Alexey (Belarus)
Part 2 Aleksey Borisov (Russia)
Competition place: Upesciema stadions, Skolas street 14, Upesciems, Garkalnes district, Latvia
The tracks will lie on the grass terrain around Riga.

Schedule of the competition:
16:00 registration and veterinary control;
17:00 oficial training at the stadium,
19:00 Drawing.
12.10.2019 Competition in all parts.
13.10.2019 Competition in all parts. Award ceremony.
Start time according drawing.

Competition program: IGP3 CACIT, IGP1
In the category IGP 3 there is the condition the passed examination minimally IGP 2. Dogs with IGP 2 can participate in IGP1 or IGP3, all other dogs with BH participate in IGP1.
Registration: deadline October 8, 2019.


– Latvian participants should provide number of LKF 2019 payment card.
– The registration form must be attached pedigree copy.
Entry fee: IGP 70.00 EUR
Payment must be done until October 8, after registration confirmation.

Society “Latvian German Shepherd Dog Club”
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Legal address: Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs, Ķekava, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123
Account LV69HABA0551020311642

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