Remainder about breed survey on August 24th

LVASK remain that before the Baltc Sieger 2018 will be possible to pass breed survey.

Date and Time: August, 24, Friday, 4 p.m.

Expert: Karl-Heinz Zygadto, Germany (SV).

Helper : Peteris Akimovs

Place: Kekavas pagasts, Katlakalns, “Adinas”

On-line registration for breed survey

Breed Survey  –  40.00 EUR

Following documents should be submitted for Breed Survey:

  1. Pedigree original
  2. Training certificates
  3. HD/ED certificate
  4. 1 certificates of dog show
  5. Previous certificate of Breed Survey

Payment must be made for:
“Latvijas vacu aitu sunu klubs”,
Reg. Nr. 40008067345,
Address: Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs, Ķekava, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123
Account LV69HABA0551020311642