Baltic Sieger 2018 planned schedule

Information to Baltic Sieger 2018 participants and guests about the show initial schedule.

August, 24, Friday              Time   16:00     Breed survey
                                                    Place: Katlakalns, dogs training area “Ādiņas”. Ādiņas
August, 25, Saturday       Time.     8.00      Beginning of the registration
                                                    Time.   10.00     Pupy’s classes
                                                    Time.   13.00     Lunch
                                                    Time.   14.00     Open classes
                                                    Time.   15.00     Veteran’s classes
                                                    Time.   16.00    TSB training
                                                    Place: Bauska city stadium Stadium INFO
                                                    Time.    20.00   Opening event
                                                    Place: Guest house “Bērzkalni”, Bauska.  Bērzkalni INFO
August, 26, Sunday          Time.      8.00     Beginning of the registration for working classes
                                                    Time      9.00     Beginning of the registration
                                                    Time.     9.00     TSB
                                                    Time.   11.00    Greetings to the Baltic Sieger 2018 participants
                                                    Time.   11.10    Progeny groups
                                                    Time.   11.30    Junior classes
                                                                                  Young dogs classes
                                                    Time.   14.00    Lunch
                                                    Time.   15.00    Working classes
                                                                                  Breeding group’s competition
Awarding of the winners after each class.
Schedule of the show is a subject to change by the show organizers. Updated information will be provided if this occurs.
Scheme of the stadium