German Sheperd Dogs – bright and beautiful!

Within just a few months a couple of membersof our dog club – Darel Solo Rigoletto ( Jimmy von der Zenteiche &  Harpera Solo Rigoletto) and Gucci team Legund (Santos Geležinis Vilkas & Margman Santa Mary) has successfully done IGP 2 and IGP 3 * tests. Darel done both – IGP 2 and IGP 3 , but Gucci done IGP 2. We also must note that Darel and gucci are in the “show dog” category, therefore these are especially impressive obedience/work results.
Our club congratulates Darel’s owner Inga and his teacher, Ilze K., and  Gucci owner J.Stengrēvics on these successes, and is happy for you and with you. The work you’ve done motivates other dog owners to show off their work capabilities themselves.
We are proud of you and we wish you all the best!
* IGP (before – IPO; from German  Internationale Prüfungs Ordnung) – a test of specific working dog breed capabilities. It consists of 3 test levels – lowest (IGP1) and highest (IGP3). Each test consists of 3 separate parts, each testing a specific skill: trace searching, obedience, protection work. Each of the IGP levels has a separate, ever-increasing difficulty curve/level, and number of tests.