Latvian German Shepherd Dog Club Specialized Shows with Title LV VA and JCAC CAC VCAC sertifikate

Dates: 23.09.-24.09.2023.

Judge:  Marc Renaud (France) FCI

Artjom Trefov (EST)
Marius Merkelis (LT)

: “Līči” ,  p.n “Staļģene “, Jelgavas novads, LV-3031

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Exhibition time schedule:

Saturday , 23.09.2023.
9:00 – registration
10:00- veteran classes, puppy 4-6, 6-9
13:00 Lunch time
14:00 puppy classes 9-12, open classes
17:00 TSB training

Sunday, 24.09.2023
8:00 – registration
9:00- TSB test
10:30 – Junior classes
13:00 – Lunch time
14:00 – Young classes, Working classes, Kennel group

Application for TSB training – Ilze Fogele tel. 29644240

* The original documentation of the dog’s pedigree must be shown upon
request of judge or organizers at any time on any day of the show.
* For all dogs registered in working classes the following additional documents
must be provided:

  • Training and HD/ED certificate (A,B,C/0,1,2).
  • Breed Survey certificate for dogs older than 3,5 years.
    Schedule of the show is a subject to change by the show organizers. Updated
    information will be provided if this occurs.All participants of event must follow the rules of LKF’s „Show participant code
    of ethics”. In situations the rules are broken/abused, the participant is
    penalized in the procedure set out in the aforementioned rules.

The rules of applying evaluation „excellent” (VA) in specialized dog shows organized by Latvian German shepherd dog club

This evaluation can be given in working class both for males and females upon judges opinion if the dog has met all the criteria mentioned below:

  • Dog has reached the age of at least two years;
  • Dog fully meets the following criteria:
  • Has successfully finished FCI training – at least „IPO 1/IGP1 ” or similar;
  • Has passed breed survey;
  • Has full teeth formula;
  • Has DNA result;
  • In protection work should get evaluation “expressingly releases”;
  • HD  – A or B; ED – 0 or 1.

Contacts: LVASK (Latvian German Shepherd Club)
Inese Mellupe, mob., +371 29461377,