Club members starts at the “Inter Sport Canis” IGP CACIT competition

At this weekend the service and sports dog training center “Inter Sport Canis” organized an international IGP CACIT competition in Jelgava.  Members of the LVASK took an active part and as well as the German Shepherd dogs were widely represented.

LVASK congratulates Alona Sakad and German Shepherd Dog Illy vom Spektefeld with 1st place in IGP 1 competition !!!

Congratulations also to Inese Sheremeta with German Shepherd Dog IQ Barnero, Inga Zemite with German Shepherd Dog Roy Forest Lehmburg and Ilze Krivane and Inga Japiņa with successful starts in IGP 1 category.

LVASK congratulates Inna Nikolaeva and German Shepherd Dog Astrida Letton with 3rd place in IGP 3 competition !!!

Congratulations to Inese Sheremeta with German Shepherd Dog Dakar Barnero, Galina Matveeva with German Shepherd Dog Tref Oger Schloss, Jelena Zubenkova-Birzniece with malinois Amory Manlihaus  and Māris Krūmiņš with German Shepherd Dog Thor Oger Schloss.

Thanks to the organizers for the great show!

All results here: IGP CACIT results