The puppy test (SV Wesenstest) successful for all participant

The first Wesenstest abrod has hold. In Latvia.

We are proud and happy, 12 dogs passed! Congratulations to all participants!

Many thanks Mr. Christoph Ludwig for support, encouraging and excellent expertise!!!

Thanks Marenda for documentation! (all foto  – in latvian text).





Puppy  test  (SV Wesentest) starts 02.02.2019. /03.02.2019. at. 10 am , Katlakalns “Adiņas” (Solvitas trenning place !).

Test duration for each participant is about 30 minutes. Test participants will be divided into  parts.

We ask participants arrive on time for the start of their part and take with you:
Original pedigree,
– Copy of pedigree,
– Veterinary book,
– The dogs playing ball !

List of participants and starting order:

Lelle Solo Rigoletto,
Leona Solo Rigoletto,
Karro Team Legund,
Kayos Team Legund,
Mano Laukine Vilkauoge,
Marijos Mefistofelis Laukine Vilkauoge

Lavanda Solo Rigoletto

Darro Lindenspring

Dargo Lindenspring,

Ive Kircholm Blum,

Jasmine All Wolves

Elysia Haus Sonder,

Elfina Haus Sonder.

Additional information about test from SV:

1) One companion may participate with up to 2 dogs in one test,

2) After successful start at the end of the test (after the last participant), participant will get SV sertificate with signature of the judge. The test record will also be made in the original pedigree.

3) For each real test participant SV will issue an  invoice to LVASK  ( 40.00 euros per  each participant). After payment details of the test will be entered into the SV-DOxS system and will be available to all clubs and users. Based on SV additional payment, there will be additional payment to test participants:

– From the members of LVASK – 20.00 EUR;

– EUR 40.00 from other participants.



SV Wesenstest  in Latvia
Time : 2019.gada 2.februāris. (02.02.2019.)

Place: Rīgas rajons, Katlakalns, “Ādiņas”. Google Maps

JudgeCristoph Ludwig (Germany, SV)

Number of participants are restricted!!!!!!

The following documents must be submitted on the day of the test:

1. Pedigree (FCI,  on the day of the test,  puppy must be 913 months old);

2. Veterinary book;

3. LKF member‘s card (for Latvian club members);

4. Test book (if has, if not, will be possible to buy ).

The original documentation of the dog’s pedigree must be shown upon request of judge or organizers at any time on any day of the test.
Cost of participation (if registered/paid online) 50.00 euro
Participation will be approved only after the participation fee is paid.

Payment information:

Recipient: LVASK
Registration no. 40008067345
Address: Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123
Account no.: LV69HABA0551020311642
Bank’s SWIFT code: HABALV22

Additional information:

Club: Latvijas vācu aitu suņu klubs (LVASK), Elijas iela 21, 2 stāvs, 3. kabinets, Rīga. Reception time – every Friday from 18.00 until 19.30.

More info: Inese Mellupe, phone no.: +371 29461377, e-mail:

Wesenstest VIDEO in Germany