Our results in BSZS Austria

The last weekend the specialized German shepherd dog show “BUNDESSIEGER-ZUCHTSCHAU  2019
f ü r   D e u t s c h e   S c h ä f e r h u n d e” occurred in Austria , and, as always, it was a wonderful event of GSD lovers from many countries.

Out of the total 292 registered participants there were 7 members from Latvia.

Our results*:

We have Siegerin in open class:

SG1 Jessica Solo Rigoletto (Dali vom Webachtal & Bellina Solo Rigoletto), own. H.Sprukulis

Working class

V5 Diva Solo Rigoletto (Jimmy Zenteiche & Harpera Solo Rigoletto), own.S.Vēvere

V5 Boss Solo Rigoletto (Perry Regina Pacis & Fiji Solo Rigoletto), own.O.Magone

V9 Xedgehog Solo Rigoletto (Pacco Langenbungert & Germany Solo Rigoletto), own. M.Ramiņš

Junior class

SG4 Lavanda Solo Rigoletto (Asterix Solo Rigoletto & Diva Solo Rigoletto), own. S.Grundule

Puppy class( 6-9 month )

VV5 Nemo Solo Rigoletto (Cronos del Seprio & Bellina Solo Rigoletto), own.O.Magone

VV9 Ohara Solo Rigoletto (Digger Edelweiss & Chicago Solo Rigoletto), own.J.Ramiņa

We congratulate our club members and wish you successful participation in the next shows!


*Information prepared by O.Magone