Participation of any kind in dog shows and exhibitions (organized by FCI and/or LKF) for any participants from Russia and Belarus is banned, effective 1st of March 2022.

Writeup from Latvian Federation of Cynology’s presidium meeting (protocol No. 375, 01.03.2022.)
Due to the Russian illegitimate invasion of Ukraine, and the overall EU, FCI stance against this act, it was decided to forbid & ban anyone from Russia and Belarus from participating in any international events in Latvia that are organized by FCI and LKF, effective from 1st of March 2022.
We also recommend any LKF expert or club member to not participate in any events in these two countries, and also recommend clubs to not invite any experts from these countries.
We also urge LKF club members to participate in various donation initiatives for supporting Ukraine.
It was also decided to donate 20000EUR to the people of Ukraine through initiative.
(Voting – unanimous “for”)