Astrida’s story

Astrida Letton

Astrida Letton was the foundation of German Shepherd kennel during the registration process within LKF and FCI for “Latmon” . Thanks to Lelde Ošmucniece – the owner of German Shepherd kennel “Team Legund”- our paths crossed with Astrida’s new family members Inna Nikolajeva un Anatolijs Boroviks who as they originally thought- Astrida will be “just their beautiful, smart puppy” for their family.

However soon after, as it often happens… Astrida’s special character got it’s own way. Inna decided to work with the puppy more- conduct training for obedience, protection work, tracking and attending shows. Inna took part in countless seminars, training, shows, exams and competitions not only in Latvia but also abroad.    Many successful entries in various shows followed gaining Astrida her trophies within German Shepherd and other shows in Baltic states and other countries. Mostly thanks to the owners commitment, hard work and clear set goals to achieve only the excellence in perfect combination with the dogs talents- Inna and Astrida have already twice successfully presented themselves in WUSV Universal Championship. Atrida was in leading ranks in Belgium 2018- showing first place in tracking and show. With combined 70 points in obedience and 88 points protection work would have gained Inna and Astrid guaranteed place on the highest pedestal. Unfortunately Astrid was misfortunate with barriers in obedience work and the high first place slipped out of the reach to someone else. Very similar story followed us this year in United Kingdom. Astrid was confident leader and had strong position for winning trophies till very last hours. Unfortunately contestant from Holland gained total predominance by 1 point in protection work thus allowing house owners- contestants form United Kingdom to take overall first place in the contest. Astrida celebrated highly honored 2nd trophy and gained dozens of love and blessings and honors form other countries’ contestants.

Astrida is already celebrating her 7th birthday this year. Many years of hard work well done and even more achievements in the bag. Atrida proudly has presented the idea of universal German Shepherd dog- beautiful, smart, strong, talented and faithful!

Photos below: best of WUSV 2019

Information prepared by Daiga Krumina