IPO sacensības 01.11.2015 !!!

IMPORTANT – IPO competition date changed
Date of competitions: 1.11.2015

Organize: LVASK, Ilze Fogele +371 29 644 240ilze_fg@inbox.lv

Judge: Jurgen Maibuchen (Germany)

Helper: Janar Klement (Estonia)

Competition venue: Krogsila laukums, Kekavas district, Latvia
A part – tracking, Kekava surroundings. Surface – grass

Competition program: : IPO-1, IPO-1(А), IPO-1(В), IPO-1(С);
IPO-3, IPO-3(А), IPO-3(В), IPO-3(С).

Dogs, who has IPO3 exam can register for IPO3 (or some of IPO3 parts).
Dogs, who has IPO2 exam can register for IPO1 or IPO3 (or some of IPO1 or IPO3 parts, free choice of handler).
Other dogs can register for IPO1 (or some of IPO1 parts).

Payment: IPO (A, B, C) – 45EUR
1 part of IPO (A or B or C) – 30 EUR
2 parts of IPO (A or B or C) – 35 EUR

Limit of competitors – 36 competitors (A, B and C together)

Deadline of registration until 25.october (including), ilze_fg@inbox.lv

Registration valid/confirmed only when received payment and all necessary information.

In registration e-mail provide:

Handler name, surname
Dog name, breed, birth date , microchip number

Registration link http://www.schaeferhund.lv/registracija-sacensibam-eksamenam

Note, that registration could end earlier if achieved limited amount of competitors.

If competitor cannot participate, payment will not be refund. Unless, if competitor cannot participate because of sickness of dog or himself. Note from the doctor should be provided.

Dont forget: veterenary passport, pedigree original and copy and work book of dog.

Bank details:

Biedrība ” Latvijas vācu aitu suņu klubs”
Bank account.: LV69HABA0551020311642