IPO championship 2018

Event dates: 12.-14.10.2018.

Judge: Jana Glisnikova (CZ)

Judge’s assistants: Janar Klement (EST)

                                      Martin Ochsner (AT)           

Competition place:  STADIUM “UPESCIEMS”,  Skolas street 14, Upesciems, Garkalnes novads LV-2137 (56°58’54.0″N   24°20’18.9″E)

Tracking fields cover: grass

Organizer of the event: Latvian German Shepherd Dog club.

Main sponsor: Latvian Cynological Federation

Sponsors: “Canina.lv”, “Kafijas banka”


Competition schedule:

IPO-1, IPO-1(А), IPO-1(В), IPO-1(С);

IPO-3, IPO-3(А), IPO-3(В), IPO-3(С).

Eligable to participate:

  • Dogs that have passed IPO-3 exam, are taking part in IPO-3 competition (or any part of the IPO-3 parts);
  • Dogs that have passed IPO-2 exam, are taking part in optional IPO-1 or IPO-3 (or any of the IPO-1,3 parts);
  • Dogs that have passed IPO-1 or BH exam, are taking part in IPO-1 (or any of the IPO-1 parts);

Participation fee:

  • LKF members: All IPO parts (A, B, C) – EUR 35; part or two parts – EUR 30;
  • Members from other FCI organizations: All IPO parts (A, B, C) – EUR 45; part or two parts – EUR 40.

Maximum number of starts (all participants together in all parts) – 36 parts in one day.

Registration is open till October 8th, including. Participant can be registered for competition only after submitting the registration form and making the payment. For the participants from non ES country paying on the day of the competition is possible.


Register here: http://www.schaeferhund.lv/en/registracija-sacensibam-eksamenam

Participation fee payment details:

Biedrība “Latvijas kinoloģiskā federācija”


Address: Elijas iela, 21, Rīga LV 1050

Account: Swedbank

IBAN: LV21HABA0551034653956


Purpose of payment: IPO championship 2018, dog’s name, event.

In the case of absence the received participation fee will not be returned, except in cases when the participant or participating dog is ill and has a doctor’s note.

Don’t forget to bring dog’s veterinary passport, pedigree originals and copies, dog’s assessment book.

LKF members will need to show membership card.

Organizers reserve the right to change the date and time of the event.

Information: Ilze Fogele, tel. +371 29 644 240, e-mail ilze_fg@inbox.lv