LVASK club member wins in the “ASTES” magazine competition for the best cover model

Our model-to-be is a two-and-a-half years old German shepherd dog Vegas Solo Rigoletto, who’s born right here, in Latvia, Tīnūži county.

Vegas’ father Sastor vom Huhnegrab has received the stamp of greatness in the main German shepherd dog show in Germany, the coveted “VA” title.

Vegas’ mother Jemma Solo Rigoletto has also participated in the junior class of the main German shepherd dog show in Germany, and received the best assessment for this class – very good (“SG”).

We have to add that beauty and “looking good in photos” is an inherited trait – Jemma was the winner in year 2018, in the same “Astes” cover model competition. So,  her son  follow her footsteps . He win!

Thanks to all the lovers of German shepherd dog breed who vote for Vegas . We are waiting for magazine next number with new winner!

Information prepared by O.Magone