The results of our members in “Baltic Sieger 2019”, Estonia

The last weekend the specialized German shepherd dog show “Baltic Sieger 2019” occurred, and, as always, it was a joint venture of the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, this year bringing us to Estonian club’s organized show in a location not far from Tallinn, just outside of the city of Tagadi.

Out of the total 184 registered participants there were 20 members from Latvia, and one member that actually lives in Estonia, but is a member of LVASK.

Our results:

Working class:

Dogs name
Father Mother Owner
V 2 Xedgehog Solo Rigoletto Pacco Vom Langenbugert Germany Solo Rigoletto M.Ramiņš
V 6 Darel Solo Rigoletto Jimmy von der Zenteiche Harpera Solo Rigoletto I.Japiņa
V 8 Eros Solo Rigoletto Xedgehog Solo Rigoletto Una Solo Rigoletto A.Nodievs
VA 3 Euphoria Kircholm Blum Wunderstern Team Las Vegas Brazilija Kircholm Blum V.Valjas & K.Ebras
V 2 Diva Solo Rigoletto Jimmy von der Zenteiche Harpera Solo Rigoletto S.Vēvere
V 5 Aussenhaus Tiana Figo von der Werther-Muhle Odana Lehmburg V.Valjas
V 4 Boss Solo Rigoletto Perry von Regina Pacis Fiji Solo Rigoletto O.Magone

Jung dogs class:

SG 8 Kenya Solo Rigoletto Baggio Von Juvenisty Xaija Solo Rigoletto I.Ābele

Junior class:

SG11 Largo Lemiselburg Asterix Solo Rigoletto Margman Toriana I.Bolmane
SG 3 Aussenhaus Umira Veneze Toro Euphoria Kircholm Blum  V.Valjas&K.Ebras
SG 8 Lavanda Solo Rigoletto Asterix Solo Rigoletto Dīva Solo Rigoletto  S.Grundule
SG 9 Felicia Haus Sonder Asterix Solo Rigoletto Zemene Haus


SG 10 Elfina Haus Sonder Team Leiksaid Camelot Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto A.Bite

Open class:

SG 5 Cherif Haus Sonder Jefferson Haus Sonder Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto S.Līduma
SG 1 Hyperia di Fosco Aidas Ulkan von Maikhus Corsa all’oro di Fosco Aidas V.Stašāne
SG 4 Jessica Solo Rigoletto Dali vom Webachtal Bellina Solo Rigoletto H.Sprukulis
SG 5 Barselona Gintarine Letena Boss Solo Rigoletto Olisa Naujavilnietis L.Roze
SG 6 Baronese Lehmburg Xentos Von Der Wilhelmswarte Ora Lehmburg V.Bērziņa

Puppy 6-9 month:

VL 2 Niina Solo Rigoletto Cronos Del Seprio Bellina Solo Rigoletto L.Kundziņa

Puppy 4-6 month:

VL 3 Puaro Solo Rigoletto Team Marlboro Hilton Diva Solo Rigoletto S.Vēvere
VL 4 Otello Solo Rigoletto Digger von Edelweiss Chicago Solo Rigoletto P.Vizulis
VL 3 O`Hara Solo Rigoletto Digger Von Edelweiss Chicago Solo Rigoletto J.Ramiņa
VL 4 Paija Solo Rigoletto Team Marlboro Hilton Diva Solo Rigoletto S.Vēvere

We would like to especially congratulate Latvian-born (but currently living in Estonia) female dog Euphoria Kircholm Blum with the amazing “VA” mark (mind you, the only dog with standart coat out of Baltics to receive this mark). She also got the “best biter” award in the TSB test.

We’d also like to congratulate Lithuanian-born (but currently living in Latvia) female dog Hyperia di Fosco Aida’s 1st place in the open class.

Full list of results can be found here

Once more, we congratulate our club members and wish you successful participation in the next Baltic Sieger shows!

We also remind that year 2020 show “Baltic Sieger” will happen in Lithuania, but – year 2021 it returns to Latvia!