The first INT J CH in our club kennel and probably first GSD in Latvia!

Our club members success on December 16, at the CACIB show in Vilnius:
Zafira Solo Rigoletto (Digger Goldschmiedsborn & Jutta Solo Rigoletto) – the best junior, LT JN, J CACIB. 
Yasko Solo Rigoletto (Digger von Edelweiss – Jessica Solo Rigoletto ) – LT JN, J CACIB. 
Xaro Solo Rigoletto (Darel Solo Rigoletto & Nova von der Zenteiche)- LT CAC, RCACIB . 
Quito Solo Rigoletto (Mondo di Casa Palomba & Nova von der Zenteiche) – LT CAC.
Tora Solo Rigoletto  (Veyron Goldene Bienenstock & Jutta Solo Rigoletto) – 1/2.
Why the first INT J CH? Because FCI introduced this title only in this summer. To become an INT J CH at the age of 9-18 months you must win the junior class and obtain 3 J CACIB certificates in 3 different countries. Yasko and Zafira’s owners made it ! Congratulations!