GSD Specialized Show at 27.09.2020. RESULTS

Latvian German Shepherd Dog Club invites to Specialized Show

Expert: Vladimir Petrov (Latvia)


The show will be without TSB test and VA title.

27.09.2020. Sunday

Place : “Līči” , “Līči” p.n “Staļģene “, Jelgavas novads, LV-3031

Show initial schedule

Time.     9.00      Beginning of the registration
Time.     10.00     Pupy’s classes
                                Official show classes                     


Cost of participation:

Cost of participation (if registered/paid online) LVASK members and other LKF club members Other FCI organization members
Registration until 20.09.2020. Registration until 20.09.2020.
Puppy class (4-12) 15,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Veteran class (8+ years) 0,00 20,00 EUR
Junior class (12-18), Young dogs (18-24) 20,00 EUR 25,00 EUR
Open class (from 24 ),Working class 30,00 EUR 35,00 EUR
In case of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, participation fee  of Estonian and Lithuanian participants will be refunded .
Please note. Participants from Estonia and Lithuania BEFORE the start in the show must observe 10 days of self-isolation in Latvia. Information about  participants from Lithuania will be published on 25.09.2020. on site


Payment information:

Recipient: LVASK
Registration no. 40008067345
Address: Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123
Account no.: LV69HABA0551020311642
Bank’s SWIFT code: HABALV22

* The original documentation of the dog’s pedigree must be shown upon request of judge or organizers at any time on any day of the show.
* For all dogs registered in working classes the following additional documents must be provided:

  • Training and HD/ED certificate .
  • Breed Survey certificate for dogs older than 3,5 years.

Schedule of the show is a subject to change by the show organizers. Updated information will be provided if this occurs.

All participants of event must follow the rules of LKF’s „Show participant code of ethics”. In situations the rules are broken/abused, the participant is penalized in the procedure set out in the aforementioned rules.