20.07.2014 THE GSD SPECIALITY SHOW !!! Jürgen Maibüchen (Germany)

Welcome to the German shepherd dog show on 20.07.2014!!!!!

Judge: Jürgen Maibüchen (Germany)

Place: Līči, Jelgava district


9:00 registration

10:00 beginning of the show

Puppies 4-12 months (4-6;6-9;9-12)


Junior class 12-18 months,  “JCAC” certificate


Intermediate class (young dogs) 18-24 months


Open class from 24 months, highest evaluation «very good».


Working class from 24 months, “CAC” certificate


Veteran class from 8 years, “VCAC” certificate


*Pedigree original can be asked in the show day.


* For registration in the working class, additional documents must be present:


Certificate of exams


For dogs older than 3,5h years- breed survey certificate


HD/ED certificate


Registration fees:


Till 13.07.2014 !!!!


LVASK members :


Puppies (4-12 months), veterans – 12,o0 Euro
Juniors (12-18); Young dogs(18-24) – 15,00 Euro
Open, working class – 20,00 Euro


Other LKF club members :


Puppies (4-12 months), veterans- 15 ,00 Euro


Juniors (12-18); Young dogs(18-24) – 20,00 Euro
Open, working class – 25,00 Euro

Citu FCI organizāciju biedriem :


Puppies (4-12 months), veterans- 20,00 Euro
Juniors (12-18); Young dogs(18-24) – 25,00 Euro
Open, working class – 30,oo Euro


Registration after 13.07.2014. will not be accepted !!!!!!


Successful registration will be confirmed with letter. If you dont receive it in a few days, please contact us!


Registration fee should be paid:

Biedrība ” Latvijas vācu aitu suņu klubs”
Reg.nr. 40008067345
Legal adress:Zvejnieku iela 12, Vimbukrogs, Ķekava, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123

Account LV69HABA0551020311642


More information


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