Results and information about GSD specialized show on 12.-13. of May

On 12th and 13th of May the specialized German Shepherd Dog Show took place in “Līči”, near the city of Jelgava. 129 dogs from five countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine – participated in the show.

Thanks to all the participants and – congratulations on the great results!

LVASK board

Show results


Show dates: 12.05.2018. – 13.05.2018.

Place: Līči” , “Līči” p.n “Staļģene “, Jelgavas novads, LV-3031

Expert: Jurgen Maibuchen, SV, (DE)

Helpers: Marius Merkelis (LT), Ivans Sauts (LV)

Scheduled agenda

12.05.2018. SATURDAY

Breed Survey (Place: Krogsils)

Expert: Jurgen Maibuchen, SV, (DE)

Helper in Breed Survay: Marius Merkelis (LT)

Registration starts at 9:00 a.m.

Begining  at 10:00 a.m.

SHOW (Place: “Līči” , “Līči” p.n “Staļģene “, Jelgavas novads, LV-3031)

Registration starts at 13:00

From 14:00 until 17:00puppy classes.

From 17:00 –  seminar “How to prepare a dog for a temperament” and “IPO regulation changes”

After the end of the seminar – TSB training.

13.05.2018. SUNDAY (Place: “Līči”)

Registration starts at 8:00 a.m.

From 9:00 – TSB test.

From 10:30 – junior and young dogs classes.


From 14:30 open and working classes.

Note: The title “VA” will not awarded.

The original of dog pedigree must be showed upon request of judge or organizers in all show days.
For all dogs registered in working classes the additional documents must be showed: Training and HD/ED certificate. Breed Survey certificate for dogs older then 3,5 years.

All participants of event should follow the rules of LKF „Show participants code of ethics”. In situation the rules are abused the participant is penalized in the procedure set out in the aforementioned rules.

Participation fee LVASK members Other LKF club members Other FCI organizations members
until 23.04 from 24.04.-02.05 until 23.04 from 24.04.-02.05 until 23.04 from 24.04.-02.05
Puppy (4-12) 15,00 EUR 20,00 EUR 20,00 EUR 25,00 EUR 25,00 EUR 30,00 EUR
Veterans 0,00 0,00 20,00 EUR 25,00 EUR 25,00 EUR 30,00 EUR
Juniors (12-18),Young dogs(18-24) 25,00 EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00 EUR 35,00 EUR 35,00 EUR 40,00 EUR
Open and working classes 30,00 EUR 35,00 EUR 35,00 EUR 40,00 EUR 40,00 EUR 45,00 EUR

Participation fee for breed survey:

LVASK members and other LKF clubs members – 30,00 EUR

For other FCI organizations members – 40,00 EUR


“Līči”, phone +371 20455402 or+371 29204514;
Hotel “Senlīči”, phone +371 20007065.


Contacts: LVASK (Latvian German Shepherd Club) Elijas 21, 2nd floor, Office Nr.3, Riga Fridays 18.00- 19.30

Inese Mellupe,